Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Goldilocks and the three bears

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In a small cottage there lived three bear’s There lived a daddy bear, mummy bear and a baby bear.
And somewhere NOT at that cottage lived a girl named goldilocks with gold hair.
The three bears went out as a family and then the girl named goldilocks went inside the house.
She was up to mistrife in the house BUT the weird thing that happens is the the bad luck goes to the baby bear.
First she goes to a chair to sit down Then she went to eat some porridge that was in a bowl on the table then she fall asleep on the baby’s bed.
When she fell asleep in the babys bed she heard the tree bears coming up stairs so she did not know where to go she thought that best thing was to hide under the bed.
her legs were hanging out of the bed so the daddy bear grabbed onto her legs and chased her around the house.

THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS:Never sneak into other people’s house’s and break their stuff otherwise you have to pay the price.This can affect your life because you will go to jail or you will wish you never did that.

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