Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Little red ridding hood

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There once lived a little girl named little red ridding hood that lived with her mum. Something sad happened was that her grandma was very ill and had to stay in bed and was thinking if she was going to die or not. So her mum told her to give her some warm chicken noodle soup and some bread so she went through the woods. She was happy to see her grandma so she was skipping along with her basket.

Then this VICIOUS wolf came and tried to eat her BUT SHE DID NOT KNOW THAT HE WAS GOING TO EAT HER she carried on walking to her grandma’s house. So the wolf said where are you going  she said well I am going to my ill grandma to give her some food it is just down the hill there. After a few minutes little red was looking at some flowers and the wolf ran to the cottage where the grandma lived and through her in the cupboard and dressed up like the grandma.

Little red went to the cottage and she said Hi Grandma I have gotten some things for you and the grandma said oh Hello darling so red riding hood said”WOW you have big ears” the grandma said”all the better to hear you”red said”WOW you are hairy” grandma said all the better to keep me warm. The last thing red said was “OH MY GOSH LOOK AT YOUR RAZOR SHARP TEETH’ ALL THE BETTER TO EAT YOU!!!!!.

Then the real grandma came out of the cupboard and the woodcutter came inside and cut the wolf up and ate him for there big thank you and that there grandma was back to normal not ill .

The moral of the story: is never talk to strange people or strangers and it can affect your life because you might die and get eaten.

     THE END!!!!        

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