Monday, 21 July 2014

Term 3's Assembly !!!

This term is term 3 and our topic is Game On. First up was team 1 and they were all about the Gleason 2014. It was a video about them trying to compete in the Gleason world cup 2014. It was funny because they were assessed by the queen and the queen was hilarious. I liked their performance and the movie they put together. After they were finished it was onto the next team, team 2.

Straight after Mr. Jacobson said “Now it is time for team 2” they stood up and started their awesome act. They were quite the same as team 1 but they were slightly different because they did the Gleason world cup 2014 as well. I liked their one to because they were doing races and pulling the funniest faces. When their performance was finished everyone gave them a round of applause. Then it was time for the next team 3.

Then it just went on and on until it came to the best team, team 5. It was cool because all of our teachers went to different countries.  it is cool and fun. As soon as the movie started the music started and it was just amazing. The best thing of the movie is when Miss. Clark went to U.S.A because she saw Kim Kardashian. I would love to see her in person.

Over all the assembly was awesome it was fun seeing all of the performance’s and act’s. I like the topic it is amazing...... Game On !!!!      

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