Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Our Planets In The Solar System !

This week we have done another quiz and I am going to talk about the positioning of the planets in the solar system. I hope you can learn a lot about earth and where we are. This week I did not do a visual question I did just did a writing down question.

Well we all know that we are part of the solar system and that we are positioned in the universe. Earth was believed to be the centre of the universe. But by the 21st century, through the invention of high powered telescopes, the overall structures of the visible universe has begun to become clearer. Here is the positioning in our solar system. 1st there is the sun then there is Mercury then Venus then there is our planet Earth. After this comes Mars followed by Jupiter Saturn then Uranus. Afterwards there is Neptune and there is a planet called Pluto which they have recategorised as a dwarf planet.   

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