Friday, 29 June 2012

Reflection of My Work - Term 2


I think I have done my comprehension well because I can tell people what I have read,I am also good at answering questions properly, finishing off my work and I have finished everything and I am good at searching for clues or answers in the book.I think that I need to get better at showing my learning in a different way.

I have learned that I can use a presentation and I also use my imagination for some of my work.I need to use my capital letters and full stops.I need to improve using my capital Letters and full stops.


I have learnt my tidy ten’s and I have answered a lot of questions with my teammates and Miss Ouano.But I have not been taking my time.

I NEED to take my time.


I learnt how do a animation. And I have finished my imovie and posted it on my blog.
Also haven't been drawing my people right.
I have to Make sure that I draw my people right.

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