Monday, 25 June 2012

Clay Workshop

Guess what?Room 14 and half of room 17 went to youth town in a youth town bus.In the bus it was noisey ad the bus driver was geting a
bit angry.When we went out of the bus it was peaceful ,but when we went in to the place it was noise two of the people who worked at the youth town came and said there bit of information.Room
fourteen went to the clay workshop wile room seventeen went in the heated pool.After that we room fourteen was still doing their clay first they were all getting a skewer and cut around the clay and it made
a square.Then we got to do some lines around the square and then we got the leftovers and made some patterns,but we had to do lines on the we put something on the lines and that was called slip,
Then we went to a big table and put some glass on it and make sure that it is spread out.Finally we finished and put them on a tray where it is going to go into a big oven.Then we took off  into the room that
we eat our lunch in,and then room seventeen came in and we all ate our lunch and room seventeen went to do their clay Workshop and we got to get changed into our togs and wait for everyone to get changed.Finally we got to go and go into the  pool BUT room seventeen took all the hotness.

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