Thursday, 21 June 2012

Models inc

On Wednesday Pt.England school went to see the P.E.P.A performance. Onces we sat down I had butterflies in my stomach because I like watching people doing some nice dance moves. After that everyone got settled down and Mr.Burt said that we will have to pray for them.Then my butterflies came back in my stomach because they were starting.

I liked the modeling which was called Models inc. First Loren came out on the stage and said a little speech about the models and it was wonderful.

After that they started to walk down the red mat and did their catwalk and look at the audience
and walk back.Then the other person went down the catwalk and did their pose.When every
one went back to the catwalk and there were 10 of them.

Finally they finished their performance.When we went back to class and relaxed and I was thinking in my head wow they were shining and showing their passion.

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