Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Art Gallery

Guess What? In the hall there was a art gallery going on and it was awesome with the music the music was peaceful. It was a jazzy kind of music. We walked into the doors and there was a class in there.

After that we all had to stay in our lines, boys and girls. Next I went around everything and I saw my art work and I said there it was. I was so happy to go to the stage because it had a clip about the art.

In the art gallery I saw things that we're shining on the lights. We got off the stage and looked at the other artworks. I really liked room 10’s artwork Because it was glittery. After that we went around the doors because the art was blocking the way.

My favorite class art was room was room 10 because there one was glittery.My second favourite was Room 13 because they did it with paint. My third favourite was room 11 because they have interesting colours.

I hope my mum buys my art work!

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