Monday, 7 September 2015

Most Memorable moment for 2015

Year 8 camp!_

This year the year 8 students got to go on an exciting camp.
the only down side of camp was the looong trip up to the camp site,
people were sick I was too.
But beside that it was the best camp I have ever gone to.

Once the bus stopped we saw our campsite, it was soo cool.
There was a volleyball net in the sand pit, there was a big building where our cabins were and there was the kitchen and the eating area.

From the bottom of the bus we took our bags and sleeping bags and went around looking for our cabins.
I was lucky my cabin mates and I, Sarah, Paige and Mary got to have the “Family Room” it was the best room out of them all, it almost looked luxury. Because the other people had to be in cabins with concrete floors and walls.

As soon as we set up our beds and put our things away we got to go outside and play around as it was sunny and hot. We just played around and looked at things, once we went to the back of the camp site there was a humongous zip line, everyone was stunned and excited to go on it.

Days went by of excitement and then it was our last day,
we packed our bags and put it on the bus.
It was time to go back to school and to our families.

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