Tuesday, 8 September 2015


This Afternoon, we all had to sit on the hall for a special assembly.
I was the Duffy Assembly, when we all settled down Mrs Nua introduced a lady.

The ladies name was Tasha, she walked up in front of the whole assembly and said hi,
music began to to start and Tasha started to sing, she was so awesome at singing, I didn't really want her to stop!
She was that awesome. When her singing was over she told us a little story.
she said " When I was your age I said" "On Monday's I wanted to be a Vet and help animals, then on Tuesdays I want to be a Lawyer, on Wednesdays I wanted to be a Teacher on Thursdays I  wanted to be a Singer and on Fridays I wanted to be an Actress."

The she told us that she found out that she was allergic to animals.
Then we went back to class and got out two Duffy books.

I choose these two books ......

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Monique Clark said...

Great selections Nikki, I too would have chosen these two books. Keep up the positive attitude towards your learning. I can't wait to read your blog posts about these books, once you have finished reading them.

Miss Clark :)

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