Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cross Country!

It was a sunny but windy afternoon, and we went ahead and had our school cross country, We all dressed up in our house colors and represented our houses.

The afternoon bell went off so we all lined up on the court. On the court there were chairs with our years and genders on it. Shivering and shaking we tried to sit in straight lines.

Miss Vaafusuaga and Mr Jacobson told us all that we are ready to start! I was terrified, the year 1 boys stood up in their lines and walked over to the starting line in their ready positions. Mr Burt had a little contraption that he smacked together to make a sound for the racers to know that it is time to start!

“Off they went!” sprinting through the field around the paddock and back up to the school. They finished in a flash. It was time for the girls to race. Hours go by and it was time for the year 8 boys, I wished my brother good luck as he went to the start line.

They stated race, and my brother was in coming last. I thought he was going to lose, but then the race ends and my brother comes first, I was so excited. A few minutes after that my brothers friend Iisa came second and his other friend Damien came third. I was proud of him.

A few more minutes flew past and it was time for the year 8 girls, I was excited but nervous at the same time, I had butterflies.
Mr Burt said “On your marks” we all stood in a straight line “Get set” one leg went back “GO!” we ran down the track , I was coming first for a while but them 2 people overtook me they were Kevine and Laila, I was trying my best to overtake them, another person went pass, then another.

We went through the second time and one more person went pass me. The finish time was about 100 meters away. The teachers told me to sprint. I sprinted my fastest. People were cheering for me as I ran past Rebekah, as I went through the finish line I was told I came 5th. I was pretty happy that I came on the top 10.

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