Thursday, 17 October 2013

My Narrative

One day there lived a chicken that gave birth to three chicks. One was called Jack another was called Sammy and the other one was called Jaime. They knew the had a stalker named Jingle bell it was a cat. They were arch enemies.

So one day the Mummy chicken took her chicks to carady lessons is was $2 which was 2 seeds a month. So the Mummy went to the spa to a deep body massage. Then the cat came along and said”well well oh isn't it the little mummy of those three chicks” “I am and I am proud of it” said the mummy chicken so she walk to the spa.

Three hours later the mummy chicken said “ Oh No I left my baby’s at carady lessons I am late” so she went off to the carady lessons and picked them up. “what did you learn there sad the mummy chicken” “ nothing much” said Jack.

Then the cat said “well well I think I am hungry” and ate one by one of the chicks and the mother was so sad that she stayed home forever crying and crying. She was thinking and thinking about what that day was like.

         THE END

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Autumn Sprouse said...

Hello Nikki, I am from Mobile, Alabama and attend the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your narrative you wrote! I can tell you worked hard on it! Keep up the great blog and thanks for sharing your blog!

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