Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A Plane crash unedited vesion

One morning at the airport there were 50 people going on a private  jet. They were very rich so they asked for the best pilot they have at that airport . The pilots name was Jess she was the best pilot.
The boss of the whole airport was mark. The backup pilot was Kyle he was jealous of Jess.

So Jess and the 50 people headed off to scotland in there fantastic jet. Sooner after they left they almost made it to scotland so the pilot pulled out the landing gear but it was stuck to the side the pilot was panicking so she hit the brakes. Shockingly the  jet started to drop and it crashed in the middle of nowhere.

Luckily the  50 people only has minor injuries. Then the looked at the plane and it caught on fire. SO they headed off to find some people for help. Then the 50 people all huddled up while the pilot went to find someone for help and one of them said “ I think that the pilot did it on purpose” “yeah” said the other person. After that the pilot came back and said “ sorry there is no one here we are going to have to find our own food and drinks. “And I heard you say  I crashed on purpose but I didn't” The people believed her and off they went.

The next day all of the people could smell pork because the pilot found a pig and killed it.
“Wake y- Wake y rise and shine” said the pilot here is some food for us. When they finished their food they went off to make there own clothes out of leaves and cheater skin and so forth.
The girls had  cheater skin as a top and flax as their skirts with flowers, on the other hand the the boys had pants made out of monkey fur and leopard skin as there tops.
The next morning when they woke up they heard a helicopter coming to rescue them so they climbed up  the ladder and went back to New Zealand to their family and Jess got fired.

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