Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The Day Everything Started Disepearing Test

One day Emma went to school. She got her school bag and did all of her chores and said“ bye bye”to her family and walked to school. She was walking to school fast because she woke up late. While Emma was walking she noticed something odd was going on in the street.

Emma came to school, put her bag away on the hook and got her net book and set it up. After a little while she went to the toilet. When she came back her net-book was not there and everyone was shocked because it was just there a minuet ago. Emma was scared. She went to sit on the chair and then she fell on her bottom because the chair was not there any more. She thought this day was weird for her so that is why she is going to keep a good eye out. Well it was time to sit on the mat and the teacher was disappearing and that made them wait even longer they normally.Oh no said Emma I hurt my ankle so she limpet everywhere.  

Well it was time to go home and it was not her lucky day.After that she went to the alleyway and there was everything that disappeared it went there so Emma looked back and the trees were going and they were going to the alleyway. So she ran home and got her brother and his name is jaxson so they sneaked into the alleyway and they found there house there and a man too.

After that they found the person that was doing all of the disappearing.They took the mask off the person that was making the stuff disappear and it was the teacher Mr, Wright. Of course it was him because he is Emma’s spell-ing teacher.Mr, Wright said “I would've  gotten away with it if it wasn't for you Medline kids”.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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