Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to make Chocolate sponge cake

How to make Chocolate Sponge?
Mix All Purpose Flour with Cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda in to bowl.
Now take sugar in to separate bowl.
In that break 3 eggs.
Add milk and oil in to eggs and sugar mixture and mix well until sugar dissolves.
Sieve dry ingredients in to wet ingredients.
Mix dry ingredients with wet ingredients very well.
Now pour the chocolate cake batter in to greased 9" baking tray.
Bake at 375 degree fahrenheit for 35 to 40 mts.
After the cake is baked, remove it on to cooling rack.
How to whip Cream?
Take heavy whipping cream in to a mixing bowl.
To that add powdered sugar, vanilla essence and beat until cream thicknes up
How to make chocolate shavings?
Take any chocolate bar and either grate it or peel it using potato peeler.
How to assemble Cake?
After the chocolate cake cools down, remove its top crust.
Then divide cake in 3 equal layers.
Apply cheery syrup or sugar syrup on all the chocolate layers.
Now take one if the chocolate layer and put a layer of whipping cream and spread it around.
Now place another chocolate sheet and spread out one more layer of whipping cream.
Now put final layer of chocolate cake and now put whipped cream all over the cake.
Put chocolate shavings on the top of chocolate cake.
Garnish cake with maraschino cherries.
For Chocolate Sponge
1 1/2 cup All Purpose Flour / Maida
3/4 cup unsweetened Cocoa powder
1 tsp Baking powder
1 tsp Baking Soda
1 cup Sugar
3 large Eggs
1 cup Milk
3/4 cup cooing Oil
Whipping Cream
1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 cup Icing Sugar
1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
For Garnish
Chocolate shavings
Maraschino Cherries

Tamaki College Social Studies

What is Latitude and Longitude, and how do I use it?

Latitude and Longitude are imaginary grids that cover the earth. They enable any place on our planet to be located using coordinates.

Latitude: Lines that go sideways around the globe (they go by the directions North and South).

Longitude: Lines that go from the top of the globe to the bottom (they go by the directions East and West).


Latitude and Longitude Practice

For each of the coordinates listed below, write the letter that is located there. The first one has been done for you.

80°N, 0° = B
20°S, 100°E = A
20°N, 40°E = F
0°, 140°W = C
20°S, 20°E = F
60°S, 40°W = D
50°N, 120°E = I
10°S, 40°W = J
40°N, 100°W = G
40°N, 60°E = E

Pepeha and Whakapapa !

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Tamaki Collage Open Day !

Yesterday was Tuesday the 28th of April and we got to walk down to Tamaki College for an open day for all of the year 8’s at Tamaki Intermediate, Glen Brae, Ruapotaka, Glen Innes School, Otahuhu school, Panmure Bridge and Pt England school. We sat down in the hall in rows of our schools. We had to wait approximately 20 minutes for the other schools to arrive. As soon as we all settled down school by school went up the front to get their very own name tag.

As soon as we got our name tags we went off to do our activities the principal and teachers had provided us with. The first activity I got was Maori it was really cool we had to fill out our Whakapapa and pepeha. I really enjoyed it. 45 minutes were up so it was time to change so the next activity we did was Social Studies, and I can say that it was different but awesome. We had to look for cities on the map in that countries we found.  

It came to lunch time and and we got a Chocolate yogurt and an orange juice box.

After that we went to Maths and then it was literacy. They were not as good as the rest but I still enjoyed myself. Soon after that we had to have lunch and we got a filled roll, Chips, Spring water, a juicy apple, Strings,  and a muesli bar. Once we finished lunch we went to our last rotation and my one was P.E and P.E was my faviourite part of today we play 2 game and they were Capture the Flag and Chain Tag. And it made my day...

Friday, 24 April 2015

My Peace Symbol !

I have chosen this bird to be my symbol for WW1. It shows how the down saws through the sky peacefully, so it shows how some soldiers fought but then came back home when the war ended.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Quick 3 Questions - Maths :)

  1. 6 x 147 = 882
6 x 100 = 600
6 x 40 = 240
6 x 7 = 42
600 + 240 + 42 = 882

      2.  6 x 1,180 = 7,080
6 x 1000 = 6000
6 x 100 = 600
6 x 80 = 480
6000 + 600 + 480 = 7,080

      3.  147 x 4 = 3,588
4 x 100 = 400
4 x 40 = 160
4 x 7 = 28
400 + 160 + 28 = 3,588

Ngaio Marsh :)

Did you know that Ngaio Marsh birthday is today,
and guess how old she is turning 122 years old !
I can't believe that someone could live as long as she is. The thing that is special about her is that she was born in new Zealand in Christchurch
Happy Birthday Ngaio Marsh :)

Going To See The Pt England Memorial :)

On Wednesday Morning my literacy group went out to see the memorial.
It was very cool and very quiet too.
We sat down on the side of the path way and admired the memorial.
I love it so much.
I reminded me of my granddad who fought in WW2.
The poppy on the wall with the dead soldier really caught my attention.

My Alpabet Multiplacation !

Immersion Assembly :)

     Immersion Assembly...

It is a Monday morning and it is the first day back at school,
which means that it is Immersion assembly but not just an ordinary immersion assembly is was a very special one ! We got free food if we were good and sitting up such as pike-lets with cream and strawberry jam, ham and cheese and Vegemite and cheese sandwiches and also marshmallows which were toasted on a skewer and some healthy vegetables like Carrots and celery.  

My favorite part of the team items would be team 5 because they all contributed and also the kids contributed too, Plus we made the teachers and parents laugh too.
Our Teachers were dressed up in army clothes because our topic is the WW1 which is short for World War One... They were wearing camo patterns and poppies on their shirts. I loved it when Mrs. Tale’a started to sing it gave a big smile on my face and other people faces sitting next to me.

Another one of my favorite parts was when Mr. Barks made a hover- board with the leaf blower. Then he got Mr. Somerville to sit on it and it actually worked that blew my mind. I thought to myself “I would actually consider making this invention at home with a little help from my brother Lee”

Then it was time to go back to class . . .