Thursday, 23 April 2015

Immersion Assembly :)

     Immersion Assembly...

It is a Monday morning and it is the first day back at school,
which means that it is Immersion assembly but not just an ordinary immersion assembly is was a very special one ! We got free food if we were good and sitting up such as pike-lets with cream and strawberry jam, ham and cheese and Vegemite and cheese sandwiches and also marshmallows which were toasted on a skewer and some healthy vegetables like Carrots and celery.  

My favorite part of the team items would be team 5 because they all contributed and also the kids contributed too, Plus we made the teachers and parents laugh too.
Our Teachers were dressed up in army clothes because our topic is the WW1 which is short for World War One... They were wearing camo patterns and poppies on their shirts. I loved it when Mrs. Tale’a started to sing it gave a big smile on my face and other people faces sitting next to me.

Another one of my favorite parts was when Mr. Barks made a hover- board with the leaf blower. Then he got Mr. Somerville to sit on it and it actually worked that blew my mind. I thought to myself “I would actually consider making this invention at home with a little help from my brother Lee”

Then it was time to go back to class . . .

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