Monday, 24 August 2015

How to prevent yourself from getting sick

How do you think you could prevent yourself from getting sick?
Well, you could do the basic such as washing your hands, having a shower, brushing your teeth and more.

You may not know this but, every single thing in the world has germs on it, you may not see it but it's there. People are getting sick everyday and it is easy to catch other people's germs. Protect yourself

The bulk of germs are hiding where you least expect. The top germ carriers in public places are: playground equipment, the phone receiver, ATMs, elevator buttons, escalator handrails, shopping cart handles, picnic tables, and Port-A-Potties.

So the next time you go out in public or just doing things around the house,

wash your hands and clean yourself thoroughly to prevent yourself from getting sick.

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Keis said...

Hi Nikki, Wow thanks I now know how to prevent myself from getting sick, Bye 😂😊

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