Wednesday, 5 August 2015

How Can We Save Money ?

How do you think we can save money ?
There's a lot of things you could do such as, Buy Cheaper things, if their is a Packet of pasta for, well I don't know maybe $4.00 and then you move down the ile a bit more and you see another packet for maybe $2.00 but the one that is $4.00 has a better cover would you get the Cheap one of the expensive one ?
Well, if you were me I would get the cheaper one that us $2.00 even if i not as pretty as the $4.00 one.

Beside that you can also save Power, you can do that by having showers that are short but useful, when you leave a room you can also turn off all of the lights that you are not using. If you have a T.V and you watch it there is an add, “ Genesis Energy” he give everyone watching tips on how to have power and trap heat in our house.

However, if you have parents or older siblings that live with you they could get a job to make pocket money to help you with money, Especially if you have a big family and you need money quick to feed and support everyone in your household family. When your family is going grocery shopping you could get the specials on at the supermarket.

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