Monday, 8 June 2015

Why is it important to have rules in the Class?

Why is it important to have rules in the class?

Rules are important because if you don't have rules things could go terribly wrong.
Such as if you had no rules people would be throwing things.

People could get hurt physically and mentally. Physically because people could have fights and even if your are not involved people could run into you or get angry and take it out on you. Mentally because people could say jokes to you and even though it is a joke it can still hurt a person.

No rules means no work, like if you didn't feel like doing something like maths, reading or writing then you wouldn't have to do it. But the worst thing is if you didn't have to do work and you didn't have to follow rules you would not make it into a good college because no one would want you because you could give them a bad reputation.

Rules occur to everyone, even the Queen and the president also the Prime Minister John Key.
NOW... imaging a world without rules in the classroom or in a school it would be chaos and everyone would be angry making other people angry and more people and it would be going on and people would be stupid not learning things, you would not want to live in a world like that.

Rules don’t have to be in just the classroom it could also be in the street, hall, breeze, hall kitchen even in the toilets... I know you guys would be thinking no in the toilet but yes there are rules everywhere you go. So follow the rules and you would have a better and happier life at school.

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