Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Why do we have school ?

Why do we have school?

That is a really good question, We need to have school because of a lot of reasons. like if we did not go to school everyone would be dumb and not learn a lot of thing even easy things such as their 2x tables. School was a very good invention I wonder who made school?
Anyway, did you know we spend 8 hours in school and we learn quite a lot in that time.

People around the world have different sorts of schools and learn a lot of different things that some other schools might not know.  If no one went to school there would be no college and college is where all the excitement begins. You do cooking tech, fashion, sports and you can even study a different language,
Anyway i'm hoping off track.

No school means no education and no education mean no work and no work means no money and you wouldn't of been able to live in a house because no one would have the brains to even think of making a house.
And tat would mean Elbert Einstein wouldn't be smart and famous making money.

So this is why school is important.

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Sienna said...

Hi Nikki! I really like what you said about why we should have school, and you are right. If we don’t have school then were not going to go any further or we might not know where were going to end up doing. Although I love everything that you’ve said and school is really important. Well Done and Keep up the great work! :)

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