Thursday, 5 February 2015

My Introduction About Myself

Hello, ✨✨✨
My name is Nikki Jordan Andersen and I am 12 years of age. I am a year 8 student attending Pt England school. I have been attending this school since I was 5 years of age! I can say this loud and proud I am loving my life here at this school.

I have a Passion for gymnastics, swimming and tennis. Yes, I am very sporty.  Since I was the age of 10 I wanted to be an Orthodontist because it is interesting and everyone says I would be a very good Orthodontist. When I grow up because when they were putting my braces on I was looking at them and their technical gadgets they use.

In my family I have a mum named Shelley, a dad named Kyle an older brother and sister named Penny and Nick and A twin brother named Lee. But Lee is 25 minutes older than me! Every Sunday we go to church because I am a Jehovahs Witness. A Jehovahs witness is people who believe that god’s real name is Jehovah and his son Jesus died for us. Twice a year we go to the memorial church.

I was born in Auckland, New Zealand. The hospital I was born in was Middlemore Hospital. Pt England was the first school i went to because I lived in Panmure unforchantly. I live in Kohimarama it’s cool here I haven't gone to a different school because my family thinks this is the best school for us.

I hope to finish all of school, High school  and university, I don't know what university I will go to but I hope that I am going to be attending Selwyn College with my best friend Mary that is in my class this year. Being at this school has been like a rollercoaster we go up with emotions when there are easy and fun things we do and down emotions when it is just really hard work and it is loud. 👌 👊👌 👊👌 👊

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