Tuesday, 3 February 2015

first day of school 2015

On Monday we started school and it was quite cool because I have an amazing teacher named Miss. Clark. The best thing for this year is that I am with my best friend Mary. So we started off the day by doing a work sheet called Find Someone Who? it is when you have to find someone in our class who fits the description on the page. For example if the page says Find someone in your class that has been at the school since they where 5 years old. Then you have to find someone in the class that has been here since 5 years of age.

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Lizara said...

Talofa Lava Nikki,

I wonder what an amazing day you have had on the first day of school. Especially with someone that you know well and is best friends with. I hope that paper description is going well and you found the right people that goes with the right question! I wish you the best for the future and farewell for college next year.

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