Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Empathy :)

Imagine the world without empathy we would be living in horror or some people not living at all .But Some people don't know what empathy is. For the ones who don't know it is when someone helps another person out if they are sad , For example if someone is getting bullied another person might come along and help them out because they know how they are feeling.

How can you show empathy to one another ?, Well you can start by being nice and kind to the person who is upset and terrified. Also you can help by making friends with the person. Everyone can share with the person in need by showing respect, listen to them and you can even donate. If you make friends with them or even just listened to them them it will bring a smile to their faces and that means a lot to the person.

Why it is important to show empathy ? I bet everyone is asking this question, Well it is important to show empathy because if you don’t there would be robberies, fights and even a lot of sirens in the neighborhood. Imagine this..... if there wasn't empathy we would have less people in the world and more people ending up in the hospital, you don’t want to live in a world like that. But if you show empathy people would be brave to go to the mall and get lunch with a friend.

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