Friday, 31 October 2014

At the Auckland museum

This week we went to the Auckland Museum because the year 8's were gone on camp.

Hopping out of the bus we entered the Auckland museum. As we went into the museum we saw a cafe' and a desk. Then we saw people in uniform and I am onto talking about school uniform, yes it was the workers at the Auckland museum. 

Shortly after that we had to sit down on the floor or the chairs and listen to the rules they were telling us. Excitedly we herd our teachers say time for lunch so we walked up two flights of stairs to the eating room ready for a quick snack. 

Next we went back down to the lounge/ cafe and put our bags in some lockers. We got our task sheets and headed off to the Maori and Pacific galleries and had a good loo at the traditional weapons plants and trees and more. When we finished with our work sheets we got to have free time at the museum. ten minutes after we came back from the Maori and pacific galleries we went to the volcano house and trust me it is scary.

Soon after that we went to the domain and we got to take photo's of the wild life that we found and it was beautiful. Then it was time to go back to school.


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