Friday, 13 June 2014

My writing sample (going to Australia)

As I woke up with butterflies in my stomach and tingles down my spine I got ready to go to Australia. I woke my mum, dad and twin brother up and said”  wake up wake up don’t forget we are going to Australia”. Suddenly they all woke up getting ready for the flight to Brisbane Australia. When I started to brush my bushy and ruff hair my mum said” Oh no you are not going to Australia with your hair like that” so we had to go to the hairdressers before we go to the airport, so we packed our bags put them in the car and went to the hairdressers because we were going to the airport straight afterwards.

As soon as my black and brown hair got a nice trim my mum didn't have enough time to do her make-up so she had to do it in the car on the bumpy ride to the airport. After an hours ride in the hot car we finally got to the airport that's when my brother and I had huge butterflies in our stomach’s. my dad pulled the bags out of the car and put it on a porter trolley. We were waiting a long time for the plane so we decided to go to Starbucks for a coffee. When our order was done we went to the gift shop and get some pillows you can put on when you are on the plane. “I am so excited to go on a plane I love the feeling when I get butterflies” my brother lee said.

Shortly after we went to the gift shop we went to watch the planes come in and out of the airport. About an hour or so our plane arrived we heard the speakers say “Air New Zealand to Brisbane is about to take off all the passengers on this plane please make your way to the plane thank you” So we all had to go on the plane ready for take off. As we were in the massive waiting room we went right through to the walkway in the big Air New Zealand plane. Then we saw the Air New Zealand crew and they showed us to our seats which were number 9, 10, and 12 on the other side.

Walking to our seats shockingly I wanted to cry because I was scared of going on a plane. Everyone on the plane had to buckle their seatbelts and put their windows up. I looked out the window and saw that we started to move and go higher and higher into the air. 5 minutes in the air my mum, dad brother and I got a bit cold so we asked for a blanket. So we were finally comfortable. I looked at my dads side and he was watching a movie called Black swan and then I looked at my mum’s side and she was playing Who want’s to be a millionaire. My brother was right next to me so I saw that he was watching cartoons. Then we got to eat some food and it was awesome. After and long 3 hours we finally made it to Brisbane and meet the amazing family.


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