Wednesday, 18 September 2013

My story

Once upon a time there lived a Mummy horse and her 7 children who were so  cheeky. They were all at home having a milo and watching T.V and having fun. There mum was getting some groceries and said to her little baby’s
“ do not open the door to anyone except for me  okay” and they said “okay I do not want to get eaten by the BIG BAD WOLF”

After there mummy went to got there ood the wolf knocked on the door and said “children open the door it is me your mummy” the oldest one of them all said “ you not our mum you are the BIG BAD WOLF” “what do you mean I am not your mum” said the wolf “because your voice is nowhere near how our mother sounds her voice is is calm and she sounds like a witch laughing.

So the wolf went to a music shop and said “make me sound like a witch laughing otherwise I will eat you all up and make sure you wished that you listened to me”. So the person at the music shop said okay and he taught him how to speak like a witch. So he went to the horses house and said “ hello children it is your mummy here let me in” they said Okay mummy hopefully you bring some goodies.Are you going to bring us some?

so they opened the door and let the big bad wolf in and the brainy one was hiding in a couch in a hole and the other six got eaten and there mum came home and gave the wolf a big hiding and said what are you going to do about it?


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