Friday, 6 September 2013

My Narrative

Once upon a time there lived a striped rabbit that lived with his mum and his sister they loved him so much. That rabbit’s name was james and he was 10 years old, and his sister was 4 years old, and her name was May. They lived in a cave in the forest where it is always sunny, and it had lots of food that grew off the tree’s. Let’s see what his life story is...

... One morning he woke up and his family was not there at there house( cave ) so he went out of there house, and went on a journey trying to find his family. He was very cold and sad he was even about to cry when he couldn’t find his family. When James was crying he said “ I will never find them my m...m...mum and my sister. After that his family went back home and james went to the ocean to have a swim.

Sooner after james mum said “where in the world is james.” his sister said “I do not know but here is some of his fur on his bed” his mum said “ How do you know that it is his fur on his bed” and she said and his sister said “ because it is striped like him!” On the other hand James went to the ocean and said “I wish I can breath under water” so he went under the water and he could not breath when he was swimming under the water. There was a whistle that was next to him a red one he blew it and there was jene...

... That came out and he said “ hello little rabbit what do you want me to grant you only have 2 wishes you have a minute READY SET GO!. he said “ well I want to be able to breath underwater for once, because all of my friends can, because they are fish and one of them is a whale a killer whale auclaly. The gene said “your wish has came true” and then he clicked his fingers “one more wish” said the gene and 30 seconds left. The rabbit said “ well I have been missing my family they have been missing for 5 hours. And then he started to cry I don’t think that you can make that come true. The gene said “well yes I can” and his family came to him, so he said to his family “ I thought I was never going to find you.

          And they lived happily ever after
                    THE END!


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