Friday, 8 February 2013

My first wekl at school

On the first day at school I was so terrified to even go to school that I was hiding away from my friends. Then we went to the hall for assembly and Mr Burt said Nikki is in room 16. After that we played some games outside with our teachers.

The games that we played were so so so so FANTASTIC!!! It was awesome when we played all of the games, well not all of them. We played five games they were called...

Try and Tag Mr Somerville with the ball. This is how you play the game. Well it is like dodge ball you can move around but the person with the ball  can not move.

The second game we play was with Mr Marks we are in a group with people. We had to get a band to hold on to and we could not let go. While we were holding on to the band we had to get the ball or the hula hoop.

We played a game with Miss Lavakula. It was called bodybuilders we had to make shapes, letters and other stuff. My group was Lesieli, Josiphine, christian anisha and me.

The last game I played was runners and catchers. How you play this game is easy.  There are people that go in a circle and pass the ball to each other. When the people are catching the ball the runners run to the other end of the cone.     

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