Monday, 13 February 2012

A recipe for an awesome Pt.Englander


2.Be kind.
3.Take charge.
4.Be responsible.
5.Do the right thing.

How to use the ingredients:

1.respect-respecting your teachers and friends.

respecting your teacher and yourself by doing your work.

2.Be kind-Dont call pepole names and hurt them.

3.Take charge-respect your stuff

4.Be responsible-you need to be respectful

5.Do the right thing-if the teacher talks you dont.


Mohammed M said...

Hey Nikki,

you have all of pt England Ingredients
right. Next time check your spelling mistakes and proof read it. I can't wait till your next post.


Mele said...

Hi Nikki,
What great writing. Looks like you've got all the Pt England ingredients right. But next time check your spelling, and proof read it. That would make you be a better writer.
Cant wait to read your next post!!!!!!!!!!!

Me! said...

Hi Nikki,

Your Mum and I have enjoyed looking at your blog. Keep up the great work!

Miss Brown

Chante said...

Hey Nikki,

I love your post,but I agree with the others. You do need to check your spelling and proof read it!!
All of your ingredients are correct and you have all of them. Keep it up!!!


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