Thursday, 9 February 2012

My holiday

My Holiday
In the holidays I went to Rainbow's End with my mum, dad and my brother.When I went on the fearfall I was very scared because it went up really slow and went down fast. I went on a Saturday. I liked all of the rides that I went on they were cool. The log-flume had an enchanted forest. I was in the log with my dad. My mum was with my brother. The pirate ship was not scary.


Room 14 2012 said...

Congratulations on your first blog post!
Keep up the good work!

Miss Ouano :)

Alarzae said...

Hi Nikki
I like your Rainbow end bumber boat.
From Alarzae.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki

Your boat is cool because how you draw
have lots of things.

By Peh so

Chante said...

Hello Nikki-Bee,
I like your story about going to rainbows end. Going on the fear-fall is scary. Your writing is good but maybe you could, try and use paragraphs to talk about one thing, at a time. Other then that I liked it very much!!!

Love Chante

Anamei said...

Hi Nikki,

I really liked your story about your holiday. I have been to Rainbows End and I went on the fear fall. It's not scary when you go up but when you go down it's very scary. It's cool on the pirate ship too!

From Anamei

Chloe T said...

Hi Nikki great story about going to rainbow end and i no the fear fall is really scary great work keep it up.

Monique said...

Great story Nikki A I like Rainbows end to I always go thre in the holidays.I know when i first went on it was really scary because i went at night did you.Nikki did you know i havent went on it before even though i went to Rainbows End.Nikki the pirate ship is scary because you never know you might get stuck. Also you get butterflys in you stomach.

Ana said...

Cool Holiday!
Man I wish I went to Rainbows End as well. Did you and your brother buy some food there like candy floss or something? Maybe next time you could more detail about it.

lee said...

hi nikki

I really like you pitcher. I am going to love to hear from you.

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