Thursday, 15 October 2015

Immersion Assembly

RING!, the bell goes off for us to go to class.
All of the year 7 and 8 students lined up in the street, ready to head off to the immersion assembly.

In our class lines we walk into the hall and sat down in our B.G lines (Boy, Girl lines.) sitting there quietly we waited for the other part of the school to come into the hall to start the immersion assembly.

“Kia Ora tamariki ma” said Mr. Burt, “Kia Ora Mr. Burt” said the rest of the school. Mr. Burt makes an introduction, then he said “Give it up for Team 1” One of the teachers came up and told everyone about how team 1 is going to the zoo this term. After that they started music and told us to get ready for karaoke. People from our school went up on stage and and started to sing the song “Roar” from Katy Perry. It was pretty cool that Marika won.

It was time for Team 2, they were studying Dinosaurs.
They did a little movie about Dinosaurs, it was all about the biggest and smallest Dinosaurs and the ones that fly and the ones who can swim.

Team 3 where creating their own Dinosaurs as well as the teachers.
They also made a movie like team 2. They were dancing around and being silly. They were all dressed up in cool costumes, looking like Dinosaurs, but funky looking ones.

It was team 4’s turn, they were really funny. They interviewed different people about where they were and what animals habitat they were in. It was funny because the people who were interviewed did not know where they where. It was so funny.

“Give it up for team 5” Mr. Burt shouted. We all clapped for team 5 because we are team 5 too. Instead of a movie the did a little act. Do you know the game show survivor? well, our teachers did a little show and were pretending to be on the game show survivor. I thought this was the best one yet.

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