Monday, 23 March 2015

The PollyFest! :)

Getting our bags from our classrooms we hop into the bus and get ready to go to the polyfest! people running to the back of the bus to get the best seats I see my friends in the four seater BUT on both sides of the bus. Rave, Mary and Lesieli were on 1 side of the four seater with a spare seat, I see people trying to sit there but they say “Sorry this is for Nikki” so they get me and let me sit with them, I thought that was lucky for me to have nice friends like that ! and on the other side where Collin, Zane, Quinlan and Josh. Then we went off down the road for our journey. As we were going we thought we should play a game so Rave said “we should play Guess what's in my lunchbox?! “OK how do we play?” I say one thing thats in my lunchbox then you have to add to it and the person who forgets or gets it wrong is out and then we have to start all over again WITHOUT the person who got it wrong !” So we started to play that game and just before we all are out we arrive at the Pollyfest.

My faviourite part of the day was when we went to the fire kitchen. We all huddled up behind the bars and watched what would happen if the kitchen caught on fire. I was in the front so I had the best view of what they were doing. They started off with a pot on the stove with cooking oil and on a high heat on the stove. The pot started to smoke up and lots of smoke was rising and after about 15 - 20 minutes the pot caught on fire. Flames went up in the air and they were getting bigger and bigger by the minute. They all showed us what to do if it ever caught on fire at home, the first one was to put a wet t-towel on the top but don't take it off or...... Then he took the T-Towel of and the flame went bigger them he put the pot lid on that fits but don’t take it off BUT yet again he took it off and the flame went EVEN BIGGER!!! Soon after that he told us what would happen if you put water on it, we had to step back for this one he said “Why?” you’ll see he says, so he but water on it and BOOM! a big fire ball was heading towards us it was so freaky but cool at the same time then we headed off to the next stage.

It was big, it was fluffy, it was COOL we went into the ASB tent and sat on the beanbags that were places on the outlines of the tent. I see Mary (MY BEST FRIEND) on a bean bag and she saved me a spot next to her I put my backpack next to her’s. “Hi everyone you guys are going to have fun writing notes of your day looking around the Polyfest.” So she gave us some card and pens to write about our day there. I finished early so I got to relax on the bean bags with my friends. When everyone finished their notes we all got goody bags, inside the bags were glasses, bottle of water, hacky sack, a fan, sunscreen and a hat, OH also a lot of lollipops and bands. Then we left after that.

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Lizara said...

Kia Ora! Nikki,

I have enjoyed reading your blog post about the Poly fest. I understand that you had a whole heap of fun on that day, because I no I did too. Keep up the good work Nikki and you will be the brainiest girl in your classroom:)

Nice work Nikki I am looking forward to more of your fantastic work this year!!!

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