Monday, 1 December 2014

Good Friends

Good friends are people who are by your side 24.7. They are nice and caring they help and the defend you from the people who aren't nice friends. Some people don't know what a good friendship is. A good friendship is when you are a nice person you are to your friends, well it doesn't have to be you friend you need to be nice too it can be anyone in need of a friendly talk.

So there is a girl named Mary, imagine her with all of her friends. They're playing, laughing and having fun because her friends are nice to her and they are real friends to one another. Then imagine a girl named Ashlee when she is with her friends she does not laugh play and she does not have a smile on her face, she is like that because her friends are not nice to her and that is what I am trying to tell you.

When you have nice friends in school or out of school it will make your life even easier. And did you know that having good friends can help you bond with other people and it can even help you grow a bigger bond with your family too. When you come to think of it you can have quite a good bond with your friends and that is very special.

A lot of people become friends when they are baby’s then it is pre-school and some people are still friends and then it is kindergarten and it just keeps going on and on and some friendships go on until they one of them are very old. I would love to have friends that are so special like some people with a friendship and relationship that never stops. Well yeah some people fight but sometimes that brings our relationship closer.

So do you understand now what a good friendship is. And if you can't find a good friends then just keep on looking for the right friend remember there are millions of nice people around that will want to be you friend. Remember that good friends are the ones who can put a smile on your face. Here is a little tip, find the ones who stay by your side 24.7 there the special kind of friend that not a lot of people have.

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