Monday, 2 December 2013


Title:The Lazy Turkey

Purpose:To report and inform on a topic
Audience:Everyone in the world who can see this.
Text Parts/Planning:toast, lazy, burnt, turkey, dies, grandma, new toast,   

Start your writing below the line. When you have finished fill out the effective writing checklist and get your buddy to check as well. (Copy and paste the √)

One day there lived a lazy turkey he was fat. He did not have a name so all his friends called him well Turkey. This turkey was no ordinary turkey infact he was unordinary all he ate was toast with marmite and butter.

So the lazy turkey woke up and all he was thinking about was his toast. So he went to his kitchen and pull out some bread from the freezer and got the knife, butter and the marmite from the  cupboard and started to make his toast.

Then the Toast Popped (POP) and it was black because it was burnt. He was so sad and he was crying he did not know what to do he panicked and panicked. He was devastated so he got a napkin and put it on a plate and took it to the backyard. After that he berrien it in a hole in the bushes.

A few minutes later his grandmother came and said “What are you doing?” He was crying and said “ My toast died it went black” “Well Make another one” Said his grandmother “you are right thank you” said Turkey. And he lived happily ever after with his new toast named Toast.           

Is  My Writing Effective?
Are my paragraph/s about one MAIN idea?
Do my paragraph/s have more than one sentence?  (usually 2-4)
Are the sentences connected and build up the MAIN idea?
Do my sentences in my paragraphs begin in different ways?
Are the sentences varied?  e.g. in length, in complexity
Have I used different types of sentences?   e.g Statements(.) Questions(?) Exclamations(!) OR Speech (“ “)
Have I carefully chosen words/vocabulary in my sentences?
Do my sentences and paragraphs meet the purpose?
Do my sentences/paragraphs appeal to the reader/audience?

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