Monday, 23 April 2012

NZ vs Aussie

On Saturday night me my Mum, Dad and Brother went to Eden park. We watched
New Zealand VS Aussie.

We went to the front gate and waited for the stadium to open. When it did open I said ”Finally’’,I was waiting for a long time.

After that we went to the food bar and got something to eat and drink, I drank a
flat white and ate some chocolate. I wanted to eat and drink because I was starving.
I was waiting for five minutes to get our food and drink.

Finally, we could find our seats. We were sitting in the second row behind the goal post.
There was a cool thing my Dad’s friend works at Eden Park so we could sit anywhere.

At the end of the game, I finally went to sleep and my dad said in the morning the Aussie team were the winners.    

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Lesley said...

Hey Nikki,

Wow you must be a lucky person.I really like what you did with your family you must of had a lot of fun. I went for the Aussie team.

Keep up the good work..

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